Powers of the Peterloo Memorial

After wandering over from Saint Peter’s Square in Manchester, I peeked over the wall to see some builders get on with business. I see the 200th anniversary of Peterloo as an important historical event, and the Peterloo memorial structure is currently being constructed. Manchester sits in the north of our country and pride usually arises […]

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Thank You for Following

Sorely lying on my bed on a Saturday night, I feel inclined to mention a few things before The Epileptic Man fades away. Thanking people is important; I thanked people a few hours ago for helping me deal with a seizure during a walk from Littleborough to Greenfield. Now I’ve made my way home, I […]

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Freelance Writing Begins

If people leave their job ventures behind, retirement is usually what follows. He or she feels they’ve earned enough money in whatever industry they decided to stick with, so now it feels right for them to relax; both mentally and physically. In the end, it’s a must-do for everyone. However, my circumstances are slightly different. […]

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Personal Review: March 2019

March has now come to a close. To be honest, I reckon I’ve just lived my quietest month ever since this blog first began. All my time hasn’t been wasted though; I’ve been busy behind the scenes. Much more activity seems likely to occur in other places soon enough too. What have I been Working […]

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Flicking the switch

Last month, February came to a close with a weird ending. On the spot, it surprised me too. I found out that March was about to begin with no money being made. I was sacked on the Thursday 28 February. I’ve also double checked with the Equal Advisory Support Service. The reasons they sacked me […]

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Personal Review: January 2019

Two days of rest-up were planned out during January’s final weekend; 26 and 27 January. Why? Well, I did strain a muscle – it’s good to keep pressure off it for a while. But still, I don’t feel lazy doing this. This month has been very busy for me – I’ve been active both during […]

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