Personal Review: July 2017

As June came to a close, I felt a strong need to prove my ability by writing plenty of posts for The Epileptic Man. Although it’s mainly been my friends on Facebook, further praise has come, and this was very much appreciated.

However, if I’m going to find my way forward with writing, then I’ve got to grab the attention of people I’ve never met before. I remain adamant that epilepsy is my topic of expertise, but as I thought, it’s not easy to get much attention set solo on a health condition in your early days of progress.

But don’t worry. I’m not giving up.

My Time Will Come

Right now, I’ve got to apply for some full-time jobs. After being let go from a temporary role, I’m currently unemployed, and gathering cash elsewhere is important for any early-days writer who’s looking to use their creative skills in the long run.

In July, I spent a lot of time on my computer writing posts, changing my website design, tweeting more often and searching for paid work. I also like to write some first drafts by hand and had to spend some time (and money) getting my computer cleaned up.

My dad’s retirement and two cousin’s birthdays kept me staying social into the morning hours too. Still, it was all good fun 😊

I won’t have all of July’s tasks to complete in August, but because a full-time job could be due soon, I’ve now decided to publish one post per week. I’m hoping with this more organised routine I can see two things: my frequency is changing, and my quality is improving.

My Progress

Add me on Twitter – @theepilepticman

I wasn’t using Twitter too much at the start of the month and only had around 20 followers. Followers can take a while to find, but I have doubled up my army with 43 now following me.

There are individual bloggers and epilepsy associations I’ve come across from both the UK and USA that have gathered thousands of followers, although they have been using Twitter for a few years now. Nevertheless, I’ve got plans to spread my name further, and believe more people will take an interest in me if I keep writing, network well and make various improvements to my website.

While we’re talking about progress, I can only suggest again that if you haven’t taken a look at my overview of July’s Epilepsy News, then I recommend you check it out. It contains good solid information about how progress can be made through fundraising, technology and medicine.

My Fatigue

After losing a little weight, I’m still looking to improve my fatigue. For the past five weeks, I’ve managed to maintain a weekly routine of at least three days of hard-worked local running. Unfortunately, my body isn’t looking as good as I thought it would.

After doing some research, I found that repetitive exercise isn’t as useful as I thought. I thought I was eating a bit less too, but I have now set myself a ‘snack-max’ for the day which will now be used with a variety of exercise.

My Analysis

All in all, July’s been a good productive month for me. I’ve not got as many articles completed as I originally wanted, but believe that’s led to a personal lesson learnt to help me stick to a better regime next month. My writing abilities have improved, although I think it’s fair to say that the more you blog, the better you get, so progress can continue as my blog moves on next month.

Next month I’m hoping for a less-stress filled routine, better quality set within my articles, and believe that I can progress further now that I’m more familiar with Twitter. I also hope to use Instagram more often and gain more attention by offering images for others who wish to follow me on there.

Take care readers! I hope you enjoy summer for what it is.

ATB, Joe


1D3_16312 by Stan / Twitter by Esther Vargas

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