My Light's Getting a Bit Brighter – Personal Review: September 2017

Hello, readers! It might sound a little self-centred, but it’s always a pleasure to write about myself for you. People seem to like what I write, but I’ll be checking Google Analytics to find out for sure after it’s been published online.

September has been so focused on my writing career: I’ve been talking to fellow writers and editors; I’ve been getting people to connect with me on LinkedIn; it’s grown ever more natural to make personal comments about epilepsy on Twitter. I’ve come across some brilliant, friendly people and organisations through that social network, and it only seems like a priceless light in my eyes.

Just the One

For the first time in about a month, Monday did see me slip away from my conscious self with an epilepsy seizure. It was about 8.45 pm, through the day I’d been working hard, and I was pretty tired too. My sleeping patterns certainly aren’t perfect at the moment, so all in all, it was just my mistake.

But there is one trigger I’ve avoided – alcohol. It’s been okay; when staying social, I’ve mainly managed with Becks Blue and found plenty of different types of non-alcoholic beers, ciders and wines in Sale through Tesco’s biggest supermarket. It doesn’t have the same heavy feeling as it hits the back of your throat, but it’s still nice enough to keep drinking through the night with your friends.

I don’t know whether I’ll get a letter about my VNS surgery coming through from the NHS before I next see my specialist, but it’s not too long before I see him for a hospital check-up next month. He’ll be happy I’ve made the decision, but I could have to wait a fair few months before I get my appointment given that my seizures are pretty well controlled ATM. I’ll try and forget about it for the time being.

I’ve also sent off for the government’s PIP disability benefits – Personal Independence Payments – to be added to my account. I might have a good claim for them at the moment, even if they have been made less accessible through a Conservative government that generally seems less liking of disabilities than Labour.

Piggy Bank and Stethoscope

Today I got my letter about the final assessment in Manchester on Wednesday. More than anything, I’m looking to prove that sometimes I get damn tired and struggle to memorise stuff as well. I’m hoping my specialist has said enough to back me up, but please, feel free to pray for me on this one – they’re not as easy to convince as they should be.

The Job Front

Ooof… I’m getting calls; sometimes like five in one week and then none for two weeks. One job came up that sounded so suitable for me: working for Slater and Gordon lawyers; performing administrative tasks; taking control of email processes out to clients and colleagues. But the other two of the three candidates just matched the role a little bit more.

As mentioned earlier though, my writing career is evolving, and I’m setting a bit of a goal that isn’t crazy but is ambitious. It’ll mean I’ve got to network, network, network. Get my ideas out without much stalling, cross my fingers, do the articles if they want them, and quickly move on if they don’t. There’s nothing extreme about it, but it is going to be difficult.

I recently got permission to write an article about Nexus Art Café for – a friend called Aiden knew a CEO called Chris there and gave me his email. I got the nod! I’m confident I can write something decent, and it’ll be good to be writing something different and within my interests. I think I’ll be making about £30 from it too.

What I’ve Been Writing About on Here

I stood by my promise of one blog post per week this month and was happy to have Google Analytics set up to monitor their levels of popularity too. A lot of people seemed to love and thank me for my article all about Young Epilepsy, which was the most viewed content on release day with 20+ viewers. My other two earlier articles talking about managing your memory problems and SUDEP were about equal with 13/14 viewers, and my most recent article on September’s Epilepsy News scored lowest with 7.

Admittedly, this is not a lot of people when you consider the billions of people out there, but I’ve got my ideas on how to sway their attention towards me…

Next Month is Going to be Hectic

Like, super hectic – but that’s what I want. There are more contacts I can make and receive in many ways. In October, I just want to shout as loud as I can. I’ll try and keep everything steady and organised too, but it’s not going to be easy.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to hear from a guy getting your attention from the Huffington Post blog soon enough. In a way, I’m looking to introduce myself as a guy who’s got epilepsy but doesn’t give a damn – he’s still going to get his writing career up and running.

My life’s sometimes been difficult to manage with epilepsy in the past, but I’ve dealt with tricky times. I’ve learnt a lot about how to deal with problems, and these methods can often spread to help just one disability and a load of other issues too. I want to help as many people as possible – and the more people I help, the more people will listen to an epileptic man who wants to keep raising awareness of the condition around the world.

Feel free to wish me luck – and once again, thanks for reading.


Stethoscope and piggy Bank by 401(K) 2012


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