Brief Post Update: Slight Stall of the Plan, but the Plan Still Stands

Hello, and welcome to an article on Friday 27 October – one written to keep people updated on the progress of the “Essential Epilepsy Information Idea”. I first mentioned it on my blog back on the 14th.

First of all, don’t you dare believe that this plan isn’t going to happen! Every person I’ve mentioned my idea to says it’s a good one. I feel like a true epilepsy advocate – back in March, I decided to start writing this blog, and previous to this article published my 30th post of the year. Given that every day I have to deal with fatigue that’s brought on by difficult medication, and haven’t earned any money from my blog whatsoever, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

Originally, I said that I’d try and have it lined up for Saturday or Sunday this week. But, thinking about it now, it makes more sense to take things a bit slower given that my writing schedule has been pretty hectic over the last two weeks or so.

Progress Has Been Made

I have a couple of people lined up to look over my first draft, which is nearly finished now, and I want to give them enough time to make amendments. Although it won’t be super fancy, the design of the booklet and PDF should look a little nicer if I give a graphic designer time to do that as well.

It seems not many people have yet registered with my idea, but it’s an idea I want to set off as soon as possible. I’ll need to keep working hard to further promote my important little source of information. As well as that, if you’re frustrated by the lack of public knowledge about epilepsy in your local area, then you’ve got to put in some effort in fixing it too.

Reading a Letter

Downloading a file to pass on to a few family members and friends won’t be too tricky for you, will it?

Please, Get Involved.

If you read my post and want to get more involved, then please feel free to email me, and pass on my post to other people too. If this is going to work, then it’s going to have to be a team effort. It’s a big task at hand, but I’m starting to set off my career as a freelance writer, and have a lot of ambition as well.

Regarding my plans to get the attention of unaware individuals, I’m willing to keep the ball rolling for as long as it takes.

If you haven’t seen my blog post labelled as the ‘Essential Epilepsy Information Idea’, then take a look at it here. I want to use it to help raise epilepsy awareness. Epilepsy is a present-day example of people being mistreated because they have a disability, and this needs to change.

I’d say the Essential Epilepsy Information Booklet and PDF will be available around 18 November.

Thanks for reading.


Once I got a love letter by Pimthida

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