Personal Review: October 2017

At times, this month has been pretty hectic. I’ve managed to catch up with plenty of friends, been to guest lectures, and started talking more with people I can see myself catching up with in the future. I’ve written new material and spoken louder than ever as an epilepsy advocate.

I can’t say it was all well organised; it wasn’t planned out in a diary, and I still haven’t been able to find any financial income from what I’ve written either. But I can see change coming in the not so distant future – November looks pretty interesting to me.

My Career is Coming Along

I’ve made progress. With this month’s overview of October’s epilepsy news, I managed to create The Epileptic Man’s 30th blog post and completed lots of little tasks that freelance writers do all the more as time continues. I’ve gathered experience, and a fair bit more of attention in a world full of writers as well.

Completing my first ever one-to-one interview, I met Reverend Alistair Lowe. He’s a minister, prefers just being called ‘Al’, and plays a big role in running Nexus Art Café in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. We had a great talk, and although I wanted to learn more about the café’s history, we ended up chatting about all sorts of things. One thing I learnt was that he already knows a fair bit more about epilepsy than most people.

Nexus Art Cafe Entrance Manchester
Writing in Nexus Art Cafe is a good place for me to get away from my home desktop and still manage to get work done in a more relaxed place

If you haven’t attended this great café for the community, I recommend taking a trip to 3 Dale Street. It’s an interesting place to visit, so why not just take a look at their website? You could call by and be impressed whenever you’re looking to have a bite, rest your feet or perhaps cook up some creativity in Manchester city centre.

I used that interview in an article that is yet to be published but should be available on soon. After being given the nod to submit my work earlier in the month, I sent it to them on Tuesday. Right now, I can only hope they’ll be satisfied with my final draft.

Big Brand Idea?

This month, I’ve also told you all about a new epilepsy awareness idea that popped into my head. I’ve simply labelled it as my ‘Essential Epilepsy Information Idea’ (or EEII) for the time being, and people only seem to like the sound of it.

If it’s going to work, then it needs to be promoted. To do that, I’ll need the help of other organisations and individuals who have more followers than I do. I’ve started to gather some attention via email and believe it’s best just to network all the more as I create the final EEII documents. That way I can get more people signing up to my blog, downloading the documents for free, and get the project up and running for anybody to use.

Chatting to writers about other upcoming ideas they’ve had (that I’ve got to keep quiet), arrangements have also been made for me to start contributing my work to new online magazines. You’ll find out more about that soon enough, and I can only see it as another positive step I’ve made this month.

Personal Income: Am I Doing the Right Thing?

I’ve not talked much about my income on here. The truth is that I’m not earning any money yet through my writing – but it can’t be far away. I was let go from my job as a processor in June and took that as an opportunity to build up this blog and start to network with other writers.

I have applied for other positions within administration and customer service, but they’ve not been easy to get. It’s made me wonder whether I should just focus 100% on my writing because I know it’s where I’ll be earning my money soon.

Getting paid just £72-something per week is demeaning, but I’m dealing with it. The only thing that worries me a bit is the amount of money I’ll have to spend over Christmas. If another simple data-entry job pops along soon, I think I’ll take it, and attempt to work with my writing on the side.

My Epilepsy Could Be Getting Better Soon.

My epilepsy hasn’t been great – I’ve had three seizures in October, but nothing too serious from what I remember. The worst part of my epilepsy this month has probably been that I’ve had to ring the hospital numerous times myself to sort out my due check-up with my epilepsy specialist Dr Clough.

It was good to see him on Friday – he’s an epilepsy advocate too, a professional member of Epilepsy Action, and seemed very much in support of my idea like everybody else. Dr Clough also agreed that I’m better to start taking Lamictal (lamotrigine) 150 mg twice a day again, and I’ve begun my gradual increase over the next few weeks.

Epilim Medication Strips
After increasing lamotrigine, I’ll be reducing Epilim and removing it too – the only thing it gives me is weight gain and a hand tremor

After reducing it to 100 mg twice a day in June, I was only more susceptible to seizures and felt no improvement regarding my memory or fatigue. This Lamictal doesn’t cause these other symptoms of my epilepsy, so increasing it back and sticking with it is only logical now. It also means I can have an occasional glass of wine or bottle of beer too, which I can’t deny, will be nice.

November’s Going To Be Better

Astrology told me that October was going to be a good month for my career, and it was. An overview for November says it’s just going to get better. I do feel like I’m leading my career with a lot more confidence now. Networking is my key – I’ll need to approach many more magazines, organisations and individuals because I’ve got other ideas for articles that could well gain their interests.

It’s time for me to play my wild card. My Essential Epilepsy Information Idea is set to be released on 18 November, and I want it to work well. If anything, I only ask for the support of my family and friends during this active time in my life. My mind is well set-up to take on the tasks at hand; but as you all know, I do have epilepsy.

Thanks for reading.


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