Three Free Downloads: Help Raise Epilepsy Awareness

It’s here! After my first marathon, I’ve finally crossed the finish line. I can honestly say that I had plenty of headaches on the way, but may now have constructed something that I believe plenty of people will decide to be useful for themselves and others.

The three documents I’ve produced should make it easy enough for anybody to read the Essential Epilepsy Information; people can either read what has been written on a computer screen, kindle or by holding it in their hand, no problem.

The PDF File

The PDF file is simple enough to view; eight pages long, it can be opened with the Adobe Acrobat Reader that people even have access to on their smartphones. Although it’ll take up more of your paper, printing eight pages is an option available if you can’t be bothered making the booklet; we’ve all seen stapled PDF files in hand before.

The eBook

Although it was initially unavailable (for about three days), an eBook is now ready and will be available for download. This has been difficult to deliver – It could look more professional, but still contains all of the necessary content that can further educate the public about epilepsy.

It doesn’t have a front cover but is titled as Essential Epilepsy Information and should be easy enough to spot in your library. It’s a MOBI file; the file type that’s sent to your kindle when you buy an eBook from Amazon.

The 12-page Printable Booklet

The word document I’ve produced is printable and can easily be made into a booklet with just three A4 pieces of paper that you will need to print on both sides. I had to learn how to do this for the first time with Word 2016, and it’s not as tricky as I thought it might be.

  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to print preview, and select ‘manually print on both sides’ in the settings area.
  3. Press print, and wait until three of the A4 pages are printed. Leave them as they’re ordered in the tray.
  4. Word will tell you via a warning on the screen that you need to reload your paper manually. Take your paper as it is and enter it back into the printer so the other side will also be printed. Then press the OK on your computer screen warning.
  5. When the paper’s printed, reorder the top paper to the bottom and bottom paper to the top.
  6. Fold them over horizontally, so your front page shows, and the booklet is finished.
Essential Epilepsy Information
Here’s a picture of one handy tool for yourself and many others

When I first came up with the idea for the Essential Epilepsy Information, I suggested printing many of them and then handing them out often when you were socialising. If this works for you, then go for it. But admittedly, it could soak up quite a bit of ink from your printer.

You may only wish to print one booklet, show it to others when socialising, but regain it if possible to save yourself some costs. There’s always the option of sending a PDF via email to friends and family if you’d like to inform them as well.

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By subscribing to my blog, you’ll be getting these documents for free, and also receive weekly updates on my blog posts that talk about the issues of epilepsy and look to offer a bit of advice as well.

People have helped me find the right words and design when creating this PDF and booklet so I’ll say thanks to my Dad, my mum’s partner Mike and fellow epileptic writer Francesca Turauskis for their help. People who have seen it seem to like it, so my fingers are crossed that it can gather the attention of many others as well.

Just click a few buttons to subscribe to my blog and start helping to raise epilepsy awareness today.


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