Personal Review: November 2017

Moving on from October, I’ve been busier this month than ever before. The Epileptic Man website has stood by its word and now offers free documents to subscribers, but writing up Essential Epilepsy Information wasn’t easy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and only wanted to produce something as professional as possible for people who want to help promote epilepsy awareness.

The project led to me asking for a fair few favours from others and sacrificing a lot of time I could have spent looking for paid employment. It’s coming up to Christmas, and right now, I’m willing to take on almost any administrative position that’s being advertised.

If you’re reading this and have a role I could fill available, then feel free to get in touch…

Sparks will Set Off – Eventually

When it comes down to freelance writing, I’ve got to be patient. It’s perhaps not so common for bloggers to admit to this, but despite recognition appearing, I’m not ready to be working as a full-time professional freelance writer yet.

Nevertheless, I’m still confident that I will be freelance writing in the future. But in three months? Six months? I’m not sure; but as I said, I’ve got to be patient.

Finances: Breaking the Fence

I’m getting interviews, and further income must be coming soon. But can you name one other common symptom of epilepsy that makes getting a job trickier for me and millions of others? Memory Loss.

When the pressure is on, it can be a bitch to recall the right answers to interview questions. I’ve often wandered off after the interview feeling frustrated when I’ve remembered important points I never mentioned when needed.

But all is not lost. I’m resorting to pure practice at the moment. It’s not impossible to remember the information I need to recall; it just takes me more time to remember it.

Child jumping through broken fence

Right now, I’m thinking about what I should say when interviewers ask for my strengths, weaknesses, ways of motivation, etc. I’m just going to review likely questions and good answers over and over again until it’s all jammed in my mind. It’s another challenge I feel I have to take on with epilepsy, and my next interview is on Tuesday. Feel free to wish me luck!

My Epilepsy’s Been Pretty Well Behaved

I recently had my first seizure for about four weeks last Sunday. It wasn’t an unexpected disappointment; after waking up at 3 am and struggling to sleep again until 8, I felt very drowsy whilst awake the next day and sleep deprivation made it happen.

One personal problem I have is waking during the night. It happens quite a lot, often because I expose myself to bright screens on my laptop, mobile or TV too late on in the day. My better plan is to step away from my laptop at about 9 pm, perhaps watch TV until 10, and then just read a book for another hour before sleep at 11.

Amendments still need to be made so I can phase myself off Epilim (Sodium Valproate). One frustrating side-effect it leads to is weight gain, and with Christmas time approaching I don’t like the idea of struggling to squeeze in to a nice new shirt or pair of jeans. I can’t step up a dress-size because of a useless AED either; it’d cost me a bomb.

November Has Been Productive

You should never set your expectations too high when it comes down to your career. I was hoping for more of an initial response to the hard work I made towards releasing free documents on my blog, but that wasn’t right. I’ve gathered a bit more recognition from it, and those who know of my documents see them as positive items. I thank them for the support they’ve given me recently.

Ramblers Walk in Macclesfield
MAD Walkers is one of Manchester’s Ramblers groups, with walks more specifically aimed at people currently in their 20’s and 30’s

I’m also due to be taking on more team work this month. When nobody else seemed interested, I agreed to put my name down as the voluntary head of communications for MAD Walkers (Manchester & District Walkers) 20’s and 30’s Ramblers group. I’ve also been chatting with other writers, and have agreed to do some research via social media to help get other new projects underway.

Although I don’t want to chat about it too much, there’s no need to not give my new documents a bit of promotion when mentioned in posts. If you haven’t already, then just head to the top right-hand corner of the menu to click the link, sign up via email, and immediately gather some free, useful documents to help raise epilepsy awareness.

Although writing isn’t my source of income, I’m still feeling confident it will be in the future. As I learn to become more of a networking-perfectionist, then I can see personal success coming in 2018. Organising and sustaining my progress will be quite a challenge. But that doesn’t hold me back; to me, it definitely seems possible.

Broken Fence by Orlando Uy

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