Why I've Been Just So Damn Busy

After starting off with a busy family and friend-focused weekend, I’ve also had quite a few interviews, meetings and social events to attend to this month. They tired me out, but still, I would like to apologise for the recent lack of blog posts at The Epileptic Man!

You got to find out how November worked out for me in last weeks newsletter, but that alone isn’t what I usually like to provide for my followers at the start of each month.

Voluntary Work

I recently took on a voluntary role for the Manchester & District Walkers (MAD Walkers) 20s and 30s group, and it’s taken up a little bit of my time. When nobody else raised their arm to say they wanted to take on the committee’s communications position at the AGM this year, I decided on the spot that I was confident enough to give them a hand.

MAD Walkers walking on water
There’s a lot of great places to go and sights to see with the MAD Walkers group

I’d say they’re entitled to a little support; I’ve appreciated the great rural sights and friendly people who are always up for a chat in the group. If you want to relax your mind, then going for a good walk with people who share at least one of your interests is something that can do you a favour.

As an upcoming writer, I’m always looking to contact others via email, Twitter and Facebook. Doing a little more of this for the group won’t be a problem.

Employment Ain’t Easy

One fact that I have to face at the moment is that I’m still not a full-time professional freelance writer. For me, this means interviews for administration work are currently important, and I’ve got to get some work; it’s Christmas time.

Getting work with a disability isn’t always tricky, but one pain in the neck I’d love to rid myself of would be the second symptom of my own (and many other peoples) epilepsy: memory loss.

When I get the interviews, remembering every fact about myself that’s good to recall under pressure isn’t easy. As well as that, I can’t remember the details of every action I did during days work at Lloyds Banking Group, where I worked as a processor for two and a half years. If I get a very similar job, I’ll need the training again, just for a reboot.

Office Work

I tell the interviewers about my epilepsy and try and explain my situation with memory problems too. But when another interviewee comes along and still knows what to do, I guess it’s not too surprising if they play it safe. I mean, from their point of view, who knows? I could be a total liar…

If you’ve got epilepsy and are interested in providing customer service, then one position you should be wary of is call handling. I got a job doing this through Adecco Recruitment back in September, but intaking so many details from customers via a headset just wasn’t possible. I quit the role in a friendly manner after just one and a half days of practice.

My Body Works Weird

I’ve been active in other places this week – and when I’ve sat down to rest, I’ve been exhausted. It seems so odd that being active is the only thing that appears to keep me up and running. When it comes to resting or sleeping for a short while (or for hours and hours), I never come to a stage when I can say, “OK; all good to go!”, and get myself up feeling as fresh as ever.

Are these sleep disorders? I’ve never talked to a doctor about them, but after researching the topic a bit, I can find medical terms for the sort of problems that seem to take place when I’m trying to sleep (or when I’m trying not to sleep).

I’m not a ‘morning person’; every time I get myself up in the morning, I feel as tired as ever. Other people without epilepsy aren’t always morning people either, but I reckon fatigue makes it more difficult for other people with epilepsy and me to get up and work as well as they should.

The Month will be Over in No Time

I see myself as somebody who enjoys most days during the week at the moment. But, I know that every week, and every month and every year goes by quicker for every person as time continues. I can’t believe it’s the 11th! We’re well over one third of the way through December, so all in all, I need to sort myself out.

Starting from today, it’s time for me to suck back up all the energy I can find from the world and remember my personal needs for communication, employment, epilepsy-awareness and general positivity. I’ve got my plans for short and long term successes, and although achievements won’t be easy, my ambitions are high.

So once again, I apologise; I’ve not been writing enough posts that talk about raising epilepsy awareness and offer information and advice to others. However, I assure you that as an epilepsy advocate that’s only looking to improve his abilities, there’s plenty more material yet to come.

checking-time by Tayloright / Developers, Developers, Developers by Christopher Porter

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