The Keen Speech: What's Happened & What's Happening

From what’s being said in the field of astrology, 2018 could be a very good year for me. Thinking about it now, it does seem to fit into place after my movements this year. I took a risky step away from employment by focusing a lot more on my unpaid blog writing and epilepsy research.

I was fixated on improving my freelance writing-related skills, gathering more recognition, and hopefully making an income as the year came to a close; I scored two out of three.

Although I’m now more interested in finding paid employment elsewhere, that’s because I feel comfortable with the knowledge and skills I’ve obtained over the past six months or so. I believe my writing career is due to take place some time next year, but until that’s sorted, I’ll use my administration skills to take on a full-time job too. Living life properly on the dole with nobody to bail you out much more than they should is somewhat impossible.

I also gained recognition from others in the second half of 2017, and it was great to interact with many like-minded people that fully understand epilepsy and other disabilities. I only hope to keep doing that more and more.

I was too naïve with what I was hoping to see from a financial perspective; there just wasn’t enough time to develop myself that quickly. Good writers can make money though, and I have plenty of useful ideas that I believe might gather the interests of others soon enough.

As 2017 comes to a close, I feel confident, and I’ve learnt how to network with others. Despite what some people say, there’s nothing wrong with networking; it’s all fair and true. Making a lot more friends around the world in the future has always been on the wish list I look at every day.

Joe & Friends
Without a doubt, 2017 has been a very satisfying year for me.

So that you know, my blog is due for a change too; in March. I’ve wanted it to look more professional for months, but it’s not possible to change much until my pre-paid one-year contract runs out with my platform. After that, I’ll be using, and hopefully, my followers will be flying higher than ever before.

My website will continue to offer advice and raise epilepsy awareness. Of course, I have epilepsy too, and personal plans relating to epilepsy exist.

Surgery is due at some point. Next month, I’m seeing a surgeon at Salford Royal Hospital to have a chat about my Vagus Nerve Stimulation. With different epilepsy medication proving to be ineffective every time I try a new one, trying to sort more things out with a short procedure seems logical.

A healthier lifestyle in the new year is planned as well; gym work isn’t easy, but it’s possible. Recently I’ve been put off by most exercise because Epilim causes weight gain. But I’m coming off the AED (slowly but surely) and as the barrier starts to wear down, I’ll get back into the rhythm of gym work too.

Anyway, it’s Boxing Day 2017, so because I didn’t have the time to write up Epilepsy News for December, I thought I’d give you a hint at how much I look forward to the new year. If you’re not a happy person at the moment, then positive changes could be coming your way too. Look at the new year as a fresh start to find a better way in life; I certainly believe the answers are out there.

Take care,



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