Epilepsy and Memory Problems: My Head isn't Quite Right.

A writer in more places than one, I’ve also been searching for paid employment, and this sometimes leaves me having to think quite quickly when it comes to writing new articles about epilepsy.

If I give you my monthly overview of epilepsy news from around the world, then the content is always available. However, on others occasions, I have to talk about how epilepsy intervenes with other subjects: for example, young people with epilepsy; celebrities with epilepsy; sudden unexpected death from epilepsy; managing memory loss with epilepsy…

Perhaps next time I need a fresh epilepsy topic to talk about, I can do epilepsy and stupidity. The reason? Well, after writing up an 1800-word article about epilepsy and parenthood, I only just came to realise that I’d written a very similar article about epilepsy and pregnancy back in October!

Mannequin Head

Although some talking points are a bit different from each other in the blog posts, I wouldn’t say they’re different enough to both be shown on my website. For this, I do apologise; admittedly, this wasn’t very professional. But as mentioned, I’m quite busy with lots of new ideas and attempts to find work at the moment. Maybe I worked my mind too hard with epilepsy this time!

However, I can tell that I’ve also been writing something up about my 2015 Ben Nevis trip that is due to be shown soon enough in a new, exciting online magazine. I’ll keep the name of it quiet for now. From what the creator has told me, I reckon it holds the potential to provide interesting stories about people with epilepsy that many will appreciate so much.

Ben Nevis 2015

Next time around, this blog will be giving you a round-up of January’s epilepsy news, so don’t worry about me lacking material on here any time soon. I’ll keep this mistake in mind as well, check my previous my articles again, and make sure I spend more time constructing new article ideas in the future. I was in a bit of a rush when I came up with it last week.

My previous article about how I wish to help invisible disabilities is a lot more important to read than this one, and it seems to be quite popular at the moment. Perhaps the mistake I made today only further proves that focusing on the bigger picture and helping people with invisible disabilities is the right move for me at the moment.

Whatever it is I write, I only hope it keeps your interests! Take care.


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