The Future: Why Honesty is my Policy

When deciding what to write in this first paragraph, I felt quite eager to tell you all that I’ve spent the last hour and a half setting up a new Facebook event I hope a fair few of my friends will attend in ten days. Can you guess what it is?

If you know me well, then that’s right; it’s my birthday, and I’m turning 29 this time. I’ll be within that last year when the 365-day count down starts, and we mentally start seeing the number’s three and zero getting bigger and brighter every day.

30th Pin
I’m only turning 29, but see the 365 days that follow it as an important era

The truth is I couldn’t care less about my turn of age. Although there are going to be challenges in life, I see better times for me in the future. I’ve not always enjoyed my twenties as much as other people either; I was depressed for the first half of it. But now I’m past that, and I’ve got plans to live a lifestyle that I believe will continue to bring myself and other people happiness.

Anyway, you may now be thinking, “What has this got to do with epilepsy?” Well, I can’t deny that I’ve not written anything related to epilepsy that I deem good enough to call an original, informative and decent blog post. And even what I’m writing now has been written much quicker than I would have liked.

But, when writing my blog, I remain adamant that providing you with work that I’ve only made an effort with is a must. I feel obliged to be honest with my readers. Therefore, one thing I can quite easily tell you a bit about today is what’s happening to me at the moment. I can tell you what changes I can see occurring as time continues throughout the year.

My New Routine: the Changes Have Started

I’ve been busy recently, readjusting my lifestyle with a new routine. I’ve managed to get myself a 30-hour-per-week job that could keep me on better pay for a couple of months.

I started this job off by working 100% full-time when staring at computers, and it might have been just a little too much. However, I had a chat with Evolution Money about my epilepsy, and I think this new schedule is one I can manage. With epilepsy and fatigue, it’s not a bad upgrade from being on the dole, and I reckon I’ll be able to work professionally on my blog at the same time.

With a job in administration earning me better money for a while, I have other things to focus on that matter more to me. The honest truth is that I am a writer. So, when it comes to epilepsy and disability, what am I planning to do that could be handy to myself and my followers in the not so distant future?

Research Autism

As I look to explore other problems that emotionally affect people in similar ways, autism is another invisible disability that I feel relates to epilepsy. People with autism are often misjudged by others who don’t understand the way that the condition affects their lives in society. Because of this, I want to learn more about it and tell other people a bit about it on this website as well.

One clear reason that people affected by epilepsy may take an interest in autism is because autism and epilepsy intervene with each other on a regular basis. Between 20% and 40% of people with epilepsy are also affected by autistic spectrum disorder, a rate that only increases with age.

The link between epilepsy and autism has been researched for decades, and I’ll soon tell you more about what issues arise and how to better support people with both problems.

Research Other Invisible Disabilities

As I hold my interest in learning more about other invisible disabilities, there are many more health conditions that I’ll be looking to research and discuss with others as well. Once a month I can see myself researching and learning about another specific invisible disability, and telling my follower’s what I think is best to be heard about it in a new blog post.

Update the Website

In March, this website is going to come to the end of its one-year subscription with – something I’ve wanted to wander away from for quite a while. Investing a little more money in a professional place called hasn’t been possible after signing up for the less developed option 12 months ago next month.

There’s been a lot of things I’ve wanted to add and change about this website to make it better than this for my readers for quite a while now. It won’t happen straight away, but as soon as I can, I’ll start making changes behind the scenes that finally make my blog look a fair bit more professional in the future.

Start a Charity Organisation

You might think this sounds like a bit too much, and it does sound scary; but, I’m looking in to it. My idea for a charity is one that somewhat funds groups for people with disabilities.

Seclusion is something that so often needs to be eliminated for people who have a disability. By making people with disabilities aware of new interesting groups that we create will help them enjoy their lives and feel so much more accepted in society.

Red Nose Army Member Afghanistan
Charity work takes place all over the world, and the idea of making it a key part of my career has been on my mind for quite a while

As well as that, I want to make the charity organisation one that can act as a central platform for all people with disabilities to join. By uniting every person who signs up, we can start to build more power in society, make our disabled people’s union known and highlight the issues that are affecting people with disabilities everywhere.

Become a True Leader of Character

Although I’ve never been a chatty man that likes to get his point across in most conversations, there are certainly things I’ll be looking to say with confidence if I’m due to support disabilities proactively.

The truth is that my confidence has grown a lot ever since I set up this website. I’m now only looking to build upon my courage, humility, integrity, selflessness, duty and positivity as much as I can so I can write well, and help people with disabilities in a more natural way as time continues.

Find Myself a Woman

One thing that I’ll admit is that starting a healthy relationship has been difficult for me over the years. I have plenty of female friends, but dedicating my time to a partner has been difficult since my epilepsy got so much worse after high school.

However, I know I can meet somebody who will understand me and my epilepsy enough to happily hold down a relationship with me in the not so distant future. The best thing that I’m doing now is communicating more and more with people who understand and can relate to my issues and ambitions in life.

Finding somebody who understands me as much as my mum always has will be a challenge; but I know I’ll be doing my mum great favour when I do so. The truth is that I look forward to it as much as she does, and as I reach the end of my twenties, it’s time that I started to make more of an effort, even if I am quite busy improving my career every day.

There’s a Lot to Do, Isn’t There?

I know, it seems like so much, and I’m going to have to be so much more organised than ever before to truly get these efforts under way. But, by turning 29, I’m hoping I’ll be receiving the one final slap I need to get everything running smoothly and make myself a quality, professional writer as the year continues.

In the past, my epilepsy and depression made it difficult for me to start trying to reach my ambitions. A lack of confidence left me sat behind many of my friends who are looking to make progress in their careers as well.

But now it’s time for me to try and push myself harder than others. I’ve talked to my friends, and know that they don’t all have the same levels of ambition as I do. Because of this, I can make my way up to and then move my way past their standards. I want to do a lot of things with my career and won’t be doing anybody any harm as I move forward and make my attempts in the future.

If you think I can help you as I’m looking to improve my career, then feel free to get in touch. I’ll be willing to have talks with many new people, and as time passes by, I hope you enjoy everything that I have to offer.

Charity Red Nose Day Chinook Pull by Defence Images / Dreamy 30 by Gabi

2 thoughts on “The Future: Why Honesty is my Policy

    1. Thanks very much Christina – I still look forward to meeting you this year, and know I’ll be at least down in London for a few days in June.


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