Number 49: An Uncomfortable Update

Although I’m still hoping to recall what happened in February, right now I feel I should be honest and tell you how I’m just struggling to communicate at the moment. As of late, I’ve been feeling very drowsy, and have had to deal with what feels like a real lack of concentration. Ideas for new blog posts aren’t coming to my mind. I’m not feeling creative.

Most people would expect somebody with epilepsy to struggle with their writing after they have a bad seizure. But after reducing and finally ending one of the anti-epileptic drugs I was taking at the end of January, I seemed to have been bothered quite a bit. Epilim (sodium valproate) led to quite a few side-effects, but now I reckon it might have helped control my epilepsy more than I thought.

I increased my daily dose of clobazam on Wednesday, and right now, can only wait for it to spread through my system. Yesterday and today, I’ve felt a little brighter at times, although lepidolite and reflexology are two other things I’ve used that could have helped me out quite a bit as well.

Clobazam 10mg Box
After doubling my dose, I’m now taking 20 mg per day, and will need more of these on monthly basis.

This post is just a short one to pass on, and not much more than an apology. But I have epilepsy, and this is further proof that it’s not just the major seizures sending people into the hospital for a fair few days that can bother them so much.

I’ve had quite a lot more seizures than usual, and without enough medication, my head started to get a lot less coordinated; I just don’t feel healthy at the moment. But after upping my dose of medication, I’ve done what I can do about it for the time being. Right now, I’ve just got to be patient.

This post is the 49th that I’m writing for the blog today; I know it’s not much, but I’d say my head is improving. All in all, I can only hope you enjoy what I write for the 50th.

Take care,



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