I’m Struggling to Write, But It’s Not Over Yet

Right now, I’m afraid I’m not in a great state of mind. To be honest, it’s not just writing that I’m struggling to construct; having normal conversations and thinking of the answers to simple questions isn’t as easy as usual either. Ideas aren’t with me right now, and I’d say my memory is even worse than it was before.

But I shouldn’t fret because my head is hopefully going to get back into business in the not so distant future. I’ve just started to take sodium valproate, which I now believe may have worked well with lamotrigine and eslicarbazepine not too long ago.

Sodium valproate – brand name Epilim – has caused side effects of hand tremor and weight gain, which is the main reason I wanted to come off it towards the end of last year. Right now though, I’m thinking its best for me only to accept these side-effects; it’ll take time to kick in, but in a few weeks, I should be feeling a bit more like myself.

I’m also on 30 mg of clobazam now and feeling pretty drowsy for a fair bit of the day too. Until recently, I was on just 10 mg of it, so am hoping to get the nod to reduce the dosage of that as well.

I’m sorry I haven’t written more this week. I usually publish my work on Tuesday nights, but after I ended up struggling to think well and twitching regularly, I ended up in the hospital, and it seemed obvious that was never going to happen.

I was due to write for Living Well With Epilepsy’s Epilepsy Blog Relay too, but it slipped my mind. I apologise to the website for that, and still, recommend you take a look at the other articles other writers have put on offer.

Purple Shirt
I’ll make sure my beloved purple shirt is ironed and ready for March 26

In nine days time, we’ve got Purple Day coming, and I want to take part in that. There’s no doubt that epilepsy’s still on my mind! I hope to be back on track with my writing next month too because with sodium valproate in my body I’ll hopefully have writing ideas and a better memory available.

Thanks for all the support I’ve received from my family and friends during a frustrating time. This post happens to be my 50th for the blog, but as mentioned in the title, it’s certainly not going to be my last.

Take care,



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