I’m Back and Ready to Entertain

I’m back! And so happy to be here too. If anything, it’s a relief to be thinking straight after I started to have trouble with medication towards the end of February. But now I’ve returned, I feel even bigger and stronger than I was before that happened.

Well, sort of. I recently went out for a short trip in the Shropshire countryside area. It was nice. From a mental perspective, I think it did me some good. I have my mum’s close friend Carol and her husband Ernie to thank for it too; they welcomed me to come down at any time during the year when we were talking around Christmas. After gathering what felt like the flu earlier in the month, I needed a bit of fresh air and took on their offer.

I’m looking to take more trips to other areas around the UK this year. They live in the country, and although it’s at least 40 minutes away from any urban areas, it’s still near enough to a great town called Shrewsbury.

A lovely place with a great market, architecture, coffee shops and more, it was also the birthplace of Charles Darwin. Spend a little time there, and you’ll probably understand more about how it may have helped get his head on so many bank notes.

Shrewsbury Castle
Shrewsbury Castle

Now I’m back in Greater Manchester, I can’t help but consider Shrewsbury as another potential town to live in as a freelance writer. But as I’ve come to a close with my sick note, I’m only looking to find part-time administration work at the moment, although more insight into copywriting will be taking place in my spare time as well.

As mentioned, my mind seems to be working well enough again now. I found myself thinking quite a lot when I was in Shropshire. I’m somewhat of an over-thinker; in fact, it’s been way over the top in the past. When starting this blog, I tried to foresee my year ahead and estimate the money I’d be making in 12 months time. After that, my brain had me looking through so many blog courses and e-books that crazy monkey dancing became part of my routine too.

But I thought a bit about the work I wish to complete regarding epilepsy. I wrote some things down during my stay. In my opinion, it could be seen as interesting and informative info to read if you or somebody close to you has epilepsy. I’ll mention some of the stuff I came up with later in the post.

Upcoming Articles

Although I might not bother to write a personal review of my month with epilepsy, the option of telling you about this month’s epilepsy news is as available as ever. I’m as curious as anybody else to know what’s happening at the moment, and will take the task back on this month.

And it’s time I wrote a few things for other people too. Have you taken a trip to seizeyouradventure.com yet? I’m listed on there as a contributor, but due to my problems with epilepsy and bad health, it’s been a while since I contributed. I’ll do my best to cook something good up for them soon. I think more people have looked at and signed up to my blog now that I’m advertised as a positive figure in their ‘about’ section.

Learning and writing a little more about other invisible disabilities is on my to do list too. Back in February, I talked about autism, how it’s linked with epilepsy, and have friends who have to deal with the problems it causes.

Multiple Sclerosis Charity Walk
Multiple sclerosis may be my next choice regarding other invisible disabilities

But I want a voice for more disabilities. I want a voice for them all. Another invisible disability will be my focus point next month on this website, when I’ll tell you more about it and if so, how it relates to epilepsy.

Website Development

As you might have guessed, I don’t have too much money in the bank right now. But I’ll be doing my best to try and come up with a better look for this website shortly. I’ve got a good friend who can help me out, and when he does, I’ll really appreciate it.

There are other websites to create as well. Talking about other disabilities on epilepticman.com is good, but I’m sure things could be better if we had a site that spoke out more for all disabilities. That website could take quite a while to create. But still, it’s an idea that I won’t be forgetting.

The Negatives of Epilepsy: A Lack of Memory Leads to Less Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to write something down during my time in Shropshire, and something quite interesting came up. I made somewhat of an observation by comparing my mental capabilities to those of a few other people who don’t have epilepsy.

So that you know, my time spent a little further down south was without any seizures whatsoever. But if I had to say what I feel is the most frustrating thing about having epilepsy, then personally, I don’t think I’d say it’s my seizures. Most of the time, they’re pretty well controlled.

But why is this? Well, it, of course, comes down to the handful of anti-epileptic drugs I have to take every day. And these drugs lead to side-effects. And the side effect that bothers me most? Personally, I’d say it’s memory loss.

I’ve Lost a lot of Memory

My memory is poor. Both short and long-term damage certainly exists within my head that makes me feel the affects of it on a daily basis. It bugs me in many different ways.

I enjoyed my life as a child, but looking back now, I can’t recall many details about what happened during the best and worst times I had when I was young. I’m only 29, but can barely remember the names of any of my teachers I had in high school. I’m terrible at quizzes too.

But the observation I made wasn’t related to an obvious problem caused by a lack of memory that bothers me too often. It could be a useful point to tell people with epilepsy about if they’ve got a poor memory and wish to be as entertained by media as much as other people without memory problems.

The thing is, when it comes down to films, TV programmes and books, people without memory problems often enjoy them so much. But it’s quite clear to me that I’m so often not as entertained by these things as they are.

Entertainment via Media is a lot More Limited

In Shropshire, I was told to look through their film collection and choose something I wanted to see. Watching a film didn’t sound like a bad idea to me; I can enjoy them to a certain extent. But a film has to be top quality for me to enjoy it.

We watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Although the film was occasionally interrupted by people coming home that night, it was also clear that the bigger fans of the sci-fi classic were very hooked up to it at times, despite watching it before.

Just after it began, Carol and Ernie’s son William came into the room, smiling, and said: ‘I thought I could hear Star Wars…’. This quote led to laughter. As well as that, more laughter appeared when their daughter Deva rang as she was heading to the house a little later. When Carol mentioned we were watching the latest Star Wars over the phone, her boyfriend John also heard what was said when driving and was jokingly heard loudly saying: ‘Pause it! Pause it!’ in the background.

Unlike family and friends with similar interests to me often do, I don’t think I’ve ever truly craved films in the past. And when watching? I don’t think I enjoy them as much either.

Back in 2012, I went to the cinema to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; the three-hour conclusion to the Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale that was enjoyed by many people worldwide. I was disappointed. The reason? The first two films were great, but this one just went on for too long, with a plot that, in my opinion, wasn’t as decent as the others.

Pattani Rama cinema
I’m not somebody who goes to the cinema on a regular basis

I remember getting up in the cinema, looking at my cousin Max, and simply saying: ‘That was sh*t!’. He looked at me and said: ‘No, I thought that was dead good’. He wasn’t alone either. When checking out the reviews, nearly all of them gave the film either a four or five star rating, aside from a couple of negative reviews I noticed, where critics stated it as bloated and overly long.

Today, the problem at that time seems obvious. My attention couldn’t hold focus as long as others. With short-term memory problems, I’ll forget details about things that happened earlier on in the film unless I really enjoy them, and struggle to stay as concentrated too.

I find that lengthy three-hour films are often difficult for me to master. The same problem can also occur when watching TV programmes and reading books.

What Can Be Learned?

Well, if you’ve got a memory problem, and find some films, TV programmes and books aren’t being enjoyed as much by you as they are by others, then there are ways to try and make sure you’re due to be entertained.

I very much struggle to read adult fiction books, but if you want to try and find something you’ll enjoy, browse through books in depth before choosing to buy them. Read the first few pages. And with TV programmes and films, it’s important to read a few reviews to find out whether it sounds interesting enough for you to watch.

Piles of Books
I’ve found it difficult to stay focused when trying to read adult fiction

I don’t think that every person who has epilepsy has memory loss as bad as I do. But some people will. Memory loss isn’t only something people with epilepsy deal with either. I also think it’s fair to say that there’s nothing wrong with telling people about your problem.

If you explain to those closest to you why entertainment isn’t as reliable for yourself, then it could be beneficial for you. If your family or friends feel for you and know you more, then those close to you might make more of an effort to keep you as entertained as they are.

It’s the sort of thing you can perhaps only expect from your soul mate, parents, best friends or siblings who know you so well. Of course, when excellent gifts or suggestions of media you’ll truly enjoy do come along, it’d be wrong not to thank them with as much appreciation as anybody else, whether they have epilepsy or not.

There is One Positive

One useful thing to do when I enjoy a film, TV programme or book is to remember what it was and watch it or read it again – maybe one or two years later. I’ve found that one benefit of having a poor memory is that I so often can’t remember the plot of a story. People with memory problems will find that watching things again can be like watching it the first time around.

I hope some people find this information useful. Thanks very much for reading.

Shrewsbury Castle by antoskabar / Image 2 by Joseph Voves / Pattani Rama cinema_1995 by mediasia / 4/27/2013 Walk MS by Bombtwinz Bombtwinz

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