Personal Review: April 2018

Initially, I said I wasn’t going to bother writing a personal review this month. But I changed my mind. It seems fair to tell my readers about a few thoughts and ideas on my mind.

I’m Feeling Good

I think I might have had one seizure since mid-April. But I’ve spent half of this week alone in my house with no problems occurring. I feel a little more like I’m on my tip-toes at the moment. Ready to jump on my couch or bed; whichever is closest. But more often than not, I’ve had no worries.

I’ve Enjoyed the Time to Myself

I enjoyed the three days spent at my dad’s in Whitworth. I got to spend a little more time with him, my stepmum Helen, and 16-year-old sister Natasha. Not much time though; we were all getting on with work for most of each day. Natasha’s got her GCSE’s coming up, and she’s a little concerned about them. I reckon she’ll be fine.

But still, more than anything, I think I enjoyed the time to myself. I’ve been tidying and cleaning the house I live in quite a lot. That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Well, Feng Shui is something I’ve taken more interest in recently. My mum also mentioned how she despairs returning to an untidy home after going abroad. I think everyone’s going to be a winner on this occasion.

Will I always be ‘The Epileptic Man’?

I’m not so sure… If people are OK with it, I wouldn’t mind keeping that name on my Twitter account. But when it comes down to those who receive weekly updates? This website has been a little quiet. I do wish the world was a little more interested in epilepsy. There’s a lot of work to be done for people with the condition. I reckon it might be best to confront these issues differently.

I hope people have happily embraced the information and advice I’ve offered in regards to epilepsy. But I want to learn more about other disabilities now. I mentioned these intentions back in January, and back in February wrote an article about autism. But at that point, I was only thinking about invisible disabilities.

Manchester Central Library
After a search through Manchester Central Library, I couldn’t find a book that talks primarily about disability. And on Amazon, the prices of any books they have about disability are expensive.

Today, I think I need to stand up for every disability that’s ever existed. Every disability can be difficult to deal with. Admittedly, I’m sure that’ll lead to a lot of research. But people with disabilities need to raise their voice a lot louder. The sounds need to be similar to what’s heard in a stadium-sized rock concert.

Of course, I’m not ditching every aspect of The Epileptic Man. I’ve worked too hard on it! It’ll live on under the same domain name for a while. But eventually, the information existing might be moved elsewhere.

I imagine I’ll be writing about other disabilities a lot more soon too. But still, my monthly Epilepsy News and every month’s Personal Review won’t be neglected.  Despite wanting to know more about other disabilities, epilepsy will always be my speciality.

Changes seem Likely

On Twitter, I just gathered more than 200 followers, and that felt good! And once again, I thank everybody who has followed me too. When let go from my temporary processor job back in June, I lacked 20 followers. That’s when I started to make more of an effort with my blog writing.

I believe more changes will occur in my life in the not so distant future. I’ll let you know if any of these changes relate to epilepsy or my website. But staying positive is the most important thing for me to maintain at the moment. Life isn’t always easy, but I need to stay positive until the day I die.

Thanks for reading.


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