My Memory is Not OK… But I Couldn’t Care Less

Hello readers! How are you? I ask you this because I’m in a great mood. After two days of training, I start a new job tomorrow. I’m looking forward to my first shift with Home Fundraising.

Home Fundraising is what a lot of people would guess it is. It involves going from home to home and fundraising for charity. Admittedly, it takes place at an unusual time – from 3:30 till 9:00 pm. However, I don’t think that’s going to have a negative impact on my life.

Today it has interfered with my article writing time, but I am still going to have time to do the blogging. I’ve put myself down for four days. As it stands, I’m not working on a Monday.

Some people might be thinking that the job sounds unprofessional. It’s not for everybody; you’ve got to be in the right state of mind to do it. But with the way that my life moving is at the moment, I think it could work well for me.

Home Fundraising is very much against discrimination of any sort, and this is good news for me.

Personal Door to Door Talk Paper
It’s incredibly difficult for me to remember 500 words – it still wasn’t implanted after around six hours of practice

Manchester region’s deputy manager Conor noticed how difficult it was for me to remember my lines yesterday. Nevertheless, he’s rightfully given me a chance to shine in front of the doors over the next few days. I’m feeling confident that I can provide them with some decent work.

I’ll be starting off by talking about and asking people for contributions to Barnardo’s. If you don’t know, this is the UK’s largest children’s charity. It took me some time to wander through my lines yesterday. I spent about six hours trying to memorise the ones that I initially chose.

But looking back now, I know I didn’t need to be so precise. When having a chat with others, body language and tone of voice are what gets a message across. It’s said that words only account for 7% of what grabs a person’s attention.

Barnardo's Store
The truth is that I’d help out every single decent charity if I had the money to do so

I’m sure I can professionally tell the story with a lot of confidence. I know the key points, and they’ll pop up when needed. I’ll go through it a few times again tonight to play it safe. But I’m sure my body language and tone of voice will step up to a decent standard soon enough too.

The money to make with this job isn’t too bad if you get good at it! I believe that I should give it a go.

Anyway, I finished today’s training feeling pretty tired, but happy to hear that I’m starting work tomorrow. I was a little frustrated by what Conor and Barry told us at the end: we need a PMA to take with us tomorrow. Shortly after, they us told what those words stand for: a positive mental attitude.

Well, I’ve got one. But the tacky sense of humour of these leader’s might take a few digs if they want to keep me around. Many of the reviewers have stated that this a fun and social way to work. Right now, I’m unemployed, and it seems suitable enough for me.

Thanks for reading, folks; I wish you all the best.

DSC_1851 by Theo Walkley Bartlet

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