A Few Recent Seizures Can’t Stop Me Now

I have returned – before Tuesday – and I thank you for waiting. Right now, I’m busy, but I can certainly squeeze in a bit of time for my readers. I appreciate you all so much.

As mentioned on Tuesday, I had a seizure in London at the Palace Theatre. It cut me short of finding my way to the end of a play I’d been looking forward to for so long! Nevertheless, we were told that free tickets will be received. I should see HP & The Cursed Child for free in the future, so I’m not too upset about it right now.

Charity Fundraising

Since then, I’ve been working, working, working… Until Thursday at about 6:30 pm. I had another seizure whilst at work, hitting my elbow pretty hard on the pavement. It did bleed, and I was still feeling a little ‘light headed’ on Friday too. I had to take the day off.

I can’t deny that working from door-to-door doesn’t seem to be working for me right now. From a social perspective, it is beneficial. But signing people up isn’t easy for everybody working there.

I’ll keep going for a while and make an effort. I’m also going to take Wednesdays off instead of Mondays; it’ll give me a break between each two working days. But I do suffer from fatigue and can’t deny that I’m very tired after every one of them.

Charity Launching

I also can’t help but feel this job is stopping me from other projects I’d like to take on soon. In a recent article, I talked to you about my plans for the future. I want to start constructing my charity, and this isn’t going to be easy! It’s going to take plenty of time.

And although I’ll always need a job of some sort, I can’t help but feel deprived of my time right now. To be honest, I’m not a ‘morning person’. If I set it up soon though, I’ll have to do a fair bit of work during those hours.

Mencap Charity Workers
Mencap is a British charity that works with people with a learning disability

However, it’s not time to set it up yet. I’ve got a fair bit of research to do first. After that, it’s best for me to interact with other charities that benefit people with disabilities. As time continues, I want to get to know more people and tell them about my idea. After that, I can select the board members to join the club and help make it work properly.

If you’re interested in my idea, then please get in touch. And if you haven’t read the article about my idea yet, then click here to take a look.

Tell me a bit about yourself. Board members need to be passionate about their charity. But it’s also better that these board members hold certain skills that can help the charity progress as time continues. I want to work with the right people.

My Current Job Isn’t Terrible

I also want to say that the job I do isn’t terrible. It works better for some people than others. You’ve got to try hard to find your ‘perfect pitch’ on the door. But if you do, then it can earn you decent money.

As well as that, there’s a good social connection made within members of the group. I’ve got to know the manager and deputy manager pretty well now. They’re very friendly people, and they seem to like me too. It’s a very anti-discriminatory place to work and certainly works to my advantage in that sense.

I’ll keep doing my best, although I can’t deny that I’m not getting too many sign-ups. I’ve also already had two seizures during working hours. At the end of my time there, I only hope they can believe that I’ve worked hard for the group. After that, I hope to gain a referee for other jobs that I will apply for in the future.

Weekly Updates are Changing

The day I deliver my weekly updates is going to change from Wednesday to Thursday to fit my weekly working regime a bit better. The next weekly post will be auto-delivered on Thursday 21 June.

Thanks for reading and ATB.

TIna O’Brien in Heaton Park by The Co-op Group 

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