Personal Review: June 2018

I guess it feels like I’ve been talking about myself too much on here recently. It’s been an eventful month. I’ve been on my trips, and I’ve had my falls. I’ve been an overthinker in the past, but I’ve stopped thinking about ideas and have started taking action. I’ve got projects underway now and feel like I’m moving further towards the goals I’m looking to achieve.

Despite this month’s problems, I only want to move forward. I feel they’re leading me somewhere much better in the long run.

I’m Unemployed Again – For Now

After four weeks of trying hard to sign people up to Barnardo’s charity, I’ve been let go. It was the right time to leave in my eyes; I was relieved when they told me. The truth is that it was difficult not to feel discouraged and powerless during my time there. I got a total of just three sign-ups in four weeks.

It seems amazing how often some fundraisers can pitch their way to success at Home Fundraising. Some employees quite often sign people up for charities four or five times in a single day. In the Greater Manchester area, I believe the record is eight. From what I learnt when I was there, it earns a man called Lakhy plenty of trips abroad every year.

Door-to-door workers
Heading door-to-door during the recent heat wave would probably have been painful for me

I have gathered positives from my time spent at Home Fundraising though. The relationships I’ve constructed with the managerial staff are decent in my eyes. I’ve gathered a new referee for my reference list. This is something I’ve found difficult to obtain with a disability.

As well as that, I’ve told them about my blog and future charity plans too. After shaking my hand with a positive smile, they’ve told me to keep in touch. I was happy that all staff there were friendly and no discrimination existed in the workplace. After working as hard as I could for them, I’ll be happy to stay social with them in the future.

Seizures Have Happened

During my four weeks of working at Home Fundraising, two seizures occurred. The second one left me leaving the group early on a Thursday and being let go the next time I was in the office. If you’ve kept up to date with my blog, you’ll know I also had one in London, at the Palace Theatre. The latest one was on Sunday night, at around 9 pm. I’ve now hurt my ribs a bit, but I’m sure the pain will pass.

The possible reasons for them occurring are quite obvious. Fatigue is the biggest possible candidates in my eyes. I was walking around 20,000 steps per day for four days in a row. Maintaining my movement around London during the weekend after four days of work may not have helped too much either. Although its burning at the moment, the weather was quite warm then too. Maybe that got to my head a little too much then as well.

I also maybe had a little too much alcohol to drink on Sunday too. I’m not somebody who goes crazy when drinking alcohol, but I was tipsy. Maybe my head’s just a little more sensitive than usual at the moment.

The Blog and the Project

Unlike my epilepsy, the blog and ‘the project’ are pretty well controlled at the moment. In my eyes, the blog’s been up and running properly for 12 months now. I started making more of an effort to get weekly posts out in July 2017. And what I’ll keep referring to as the project, for now, is well and truly underway. For that, I’m planning, I’m networking, I’m designing, and I’m writing.

A charity organisation name has been decided on, and I’ve got access to the URL needed. As you know, I’ve got to find work to keep me running elsewhere, but more info will pop along regarding the project soon enough.

Understandably Quiet

After chatting about my experiences halfway through June, it’s not surprising that I’ve got 50% less to talk about today. And aside from working on the blog and new project, I guess the world cup has gathered a lot of my attention. I was let go on the day England played Tunisia in their first group game. But I’ve had to watch my cash too! At this moment, my activities are a little more limited.

But more events are due to occur in July; I guarantee it. I only hope you’re as happy to hear about them as I am to experience them.

Take care 😉

Door to door by United Way STL / Drinking by Hamza Butt

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