Dull Times Ahead? Think Positive

Why does the UK have to be run by the most uncaring, big-headed people on the planet?

I can’t help but think about it a bit.

They just do not listen to what you have to say! They really do come across as robotic items of mass destruction… And, I don’t get it.

If we leave the EU then we’re due to crash and burn. In fact, we’re already crashing and burning. People are going to have to think “outside the box” if they want to pick themselves up properly. I’m innovative, and I’ve already thought of ideas that could help to improve the lives of others – it’s what I want to do. But if we’re going to make our way through the problems coming to life, other people are going to have to step in and make an effort as well.

Our national anthem is still “God Save The Queen”. Are the British royal family going to say more about the Brexit situation? I’d be embarrassed about everything that’s occurring at the moment. They surely don’t want to represent a western nation with a much lower economy, a lot more poverty, and various other problems occurring for the people who live here?

Homeless Man and Dog
Although denied by the government, the UK was recently discredited for its rising levels of poverty by the UN

If Brexit all goes through, then I can see a lot more politicians being murdered in the UK. If this happens, then I just hope these people are logical enough to come to their senses. It’s hardly rocket science, is it? If you’re driving people insane then you should listen to what these people have to say. You should think pretty hard about it too.

This isn’t a very religious or spiritual nation. In fact, we are the eighth least religious nation in the world. I know a lot of people won’t agree with this, but I think that’s making an impact as well.

So, forgive me for judging politicians a bit 😊 But, if you are a politician who is bothering to read this, then why don’t you start thinking outside the box? Why not start listening to the people properly? In life, everybody makes mistakes. Although you’ll probably lose some political friends, you’ll gain a lot more popularity with the people. You could potentially be remembered as a person who didn’t damage our nation.

If you’re smart enough, then you might even help to repair it.

I don’t think every politician is evil, but beware of them. Don’t let them get to you. Don’t think too much about political matters either. From a mental perspective, it can become a very negative habit.

As I finish writing this short article, I know that I only started to write it after viewing the headline news this morning. But as my bedtime comes nearer, I know now that I needed to pick myself up as the day continued. If you’re feeling bummed out, there are a lot of positive things in life you can do to help yourself out; all day, every day.

Little Girls at Christmas

In life, everybody is unique, and is sat in their own situation. Because of this, I think it’s best not to think too much about the world at large. Primarily, just consider how you can help yourself, or just you and your family gather more positivity. But still, as well as that, try your best not to exploit negativity upon the lives of others as you live your life well too.

I found some text when doing a bit of paperwork recently. I don’t remember where it’s from; I must have picked it up from somewhere else a while back – perhaps when I was depressed. But it gives people a few handy tips on how to pick themselves up every day. I’ve copied quite a bit of what’s been listed, and it’s written below. So, if you’re feeling blue, and don’t know what to do, then please; give it a read.

I hope everybody is due to be as happy as they should be during Christmas 2018. Take care.


Questions To Ask Before Giving Up

Are you hydrated?

If not, have a glass of water.

Have you eaten in the past three hours?

If not, get some food – something with protein, not just simple carbs. Perhaps some nuts or hummus?

Have you showered in the past day?

If not, take a shower right now.

Have you stretched your legs in the past day?

If not, do so right now. If you don’t have the energy for a run or trip to the gym, just walk around the block, then keep walking as long as you please.

Have you said something nice to someone in the past day?

Do so, whether online or in person. Make it genuine; wait until you see something really wonderful about someone, and tell them about it.

Have you moved your body to music in the past day?

If not, dance around the room for the length of an upbeat song.

Have you cuddled a living being in the past two days?

If not, do so. Don’t be afraid to ask for hugs from friends or friends’ pets. Most of them will enjoy the cuddles too; you’re not imposing on them.

If day-time: are you dressed?

If not, put on clean clothes that aren’t pajamas. Give yourself permission to wear something special.

If night-time: are you sleepy or fatigued but resisting to go to sleep?

Put on pajamas, put yourself into bed and close your eyes for fifteen minutes, with no electronic screens in view. If you can’t sleep after that, you can get up again; there’s no pressure.

Do you feel ineffective?

Pause right now and get something small completed, whether it’s responding to an e-mail, loading up the dishwasher, or packing your gym bag for your next trip.

Do you feel unattractive?

Take a selfie, and share it. Your friends will remind you about how great you look. You’ll then be able fight society’s restrictions on what beauty can look like.

Do you feel paralysed by indecision?

Give yourself ten minutes to sit back and plan the day out. If a particular decision or problem is still being a roadblock, just set it aside for now, and pick something else that seems doable. Right now, the important part is to break through that stasis, even if it means doing something trivial.

Have you over-exerted yourself lately – physical, emotionally, socially, or intellectually?

That can take a toll that lingers for days. Give yourself a break in that area, whether it’s physical rest, taking time alone, or relaxing with some silly entertainment.

Have you waited a week?

Sometimes our perception of life is skewed, and we can’t even tell that we’re not thinking clearly, and there’s no obvious external cause. It happens. Keep yourself going for a full week, whatever it takes, and see if you still feel the same way then.


It’s a dogs life by Neil Moralee / Wishing everyone a very… by Georgie Sharp

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