Moving forward: one step at a time.

An earlier mid-February post has come to exist this week. That’s mainly because on Monday 4 Feburary 2019, I got a job. I didn’t mention it until Wednesday, after I’d been at work for one day and signed the annual contract. I guess I wanted to make sure it wasn’t all a dream!

By Friday night, after a couple of pints with friends, I sat by my computer. I looked at the number of ‘like’ and even ‘love’ clicks regarding my Facebook statement. Right now, it adds up to exactly 100. Such great comments made by my family and friends. At that point, I couldn’t help but get a little clogged up with tears in my eyes.

Facebook Cut Shot
People sometimes criticise Facebook, but I know that I’ve got some great family and friends

I’m quite spiritual now, and I feel less comfortable swearing than I used to. But fucking hell… I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so good about life! I don’t have a great memory, but we’re talking over ten years ago. We’re talking before my epilepsy really got a lot more severe. We’re heading back in to the era of my further education.

In my life, I feel there are still a lot of tasks to complete. But finding paid work to support myself is the task I’ve needed to take care of.

What’s my job about?

The full-time work I’ll be doing is for a PPI team, helping people reclaim the money they deserve. I don’t do the cold calls though! I’m working on the computers, and right now scheduling letters to be sent where needed. I’m only helping people reclaim the cash they’re owed. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

I’ll enjoy getting some money sat inside my old and somewhat empty student account. But still, the blog will continue, and my ideas will keep coming. Helping disabled people find their feet in life is an ambition I’m still working towards.

I actually started getting The Epileptic Man running properly when I left my last real job. That was back in June 2017 when I was let go as a temporary worker for Lloyds Banking Group. It’s been frustrating to deal with so many rejections after interviews I’ve nearly passed. But it’s also given me time to build up what’s in store for my long-term career.

The basic plan for me is to move forward; one step at a time. It might take me a while to build my career. But I’ve always been ambitious, and always will be! I’m still going to be speaking with people on the side. I’ll be trying to learn more and more about how to pursue my projects.

A partnership may be needed to get Disability Central up and running. Making a simple website to begin with might be an idea too. Eventually though, I want to get a powerful website working. I want to make it stand out. All in all, it’ll need to represent an organisation that gathers the interests of many people. But research needs to be done to get that going. To begin with, that may be my main focus as I build my new plan.

I’ve already inquired about chatting with staff from the University of Salford and MMU. I don’t have as much time on my hands to talk with people in person now. But still, sending emails and online networking can be useful tools when used correctly.

I won’t be working the PPI team forever. These companies are expected to end their businesses in a couple of years. But that’s no problem; in fact, it might suit my situation pretty well. Smoothly sliding into self-employment is a possibility; let’s just wait and see what happens.

There’s one other thing to mention. When it all started to get worse, epilepsy led to a lowered self-esteem. It led to confidence problems when I was younger too. This has led to a personal problem that I’ve not dealt with yet.

My family and closer friends probably know what I’m talking about. But dealing with your confidence from all angles in life is important. That’s why I’m working on dealing with that problem as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading this short post. Right now, I feel like a pretty happy man. And I’m going to keep building my way to more happiness; one step at a time.

All the best and take care.


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