Flicking the switch

Last month, February came to a close with a weird ending. On the spot, it surprised me too. I found out that March was about to begin with no money being made. I was sacked on the Thursday 28 February. I’ve also double checked with the Equal Advisory Support Service. The reasons they sacked me were discriminating.

Now that that’s happened, I hold no interest whatsoever in re-joining the PPI company. The reason I’m telling you this is because I could write to them informally. I could explain what they did wrong and ask them to take me back. But this company isn’t an equal opportunities employer like they claimed to be! I also write a blog that offers advice and information to disabled people. Does trying to find my way back in sound orthodox in any way whatsoever?

I don’t think I should be looking for administration work anymore. I’m sick of it now. That doesn’t mean that I’m not going anywhere though! It just means that I’ve got something else in mind.

I graduated from the University of Salford with a 2.1 degree back in 2012. I finished it all off with a dissertation that was praised by those who marked it too. They found it interesting; they said I could write a book about it if I wanted. I worked hard for my degree, and it’s time I made the most out of it.

No trouble with the epilepsy

It’s now been nearly four weeks since I last had a seizure. I guess my best efforts to earn money weren’t ignored by everyone. I’ve got a pre-op booked in at Salford Royal on 25 March 2019.

I turned 30 and it went well

I’m not bothered about turning 30; more excited by it than anything. My twenties were hard work, and I’m sure my thirties will be at times too. But I won’t be depressed; I feel like I’ve figured out how to keep myself happy. There are better times ahead.

Held in arms at 30
At 00:09 on 17 Februrary 2019 Joe Stevenson was born, 30-years-old

I’ve got plenty of loving and generous gifts from my family and friends. As the photo shows, efforts were made and much appreciated too! I can only thank my muscular cousin and everybody else once again.

Let’s leave it there for now

I’m pretty done and dusted with what I’m going to tell you. I know it’s not much of a personal review. However, I feel I’ve got plenty of work to get on with elsewhere. Eventually you’ll know what I’m talking about.

All the best to you all. Take care too x


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