Personal Review: March 2019

March has now come to a close. To be honest, I reckon I’ve just lived my quietest month ever since this blog first began. All my time hasn’t been wasted though; I’ve been busy behind the scenes. Much more activity seems likely to occur in other places soon enough too.

What have I been Working on?

Well, you might remember February finishing with my discriminating dismissal from employment. I’d been searching for that sort of work in administration for quite a while. Epilepsy made my work more difficult to adjust to during my new working hours. Adjustments could have been made, but these were immediately refused. The PPI Team managed to list themselves as an equal opportunities employer; I honestly don’t know how they managed to do that.

Right now, though, I can’t deny that the job was pretty boring. I was working hard, but it took real effort to get through each day. After being made redundant, I felt it was time to give administration a miss. I have other ideas in mind for the future.

A career turn into the world of freelance writing seems inevitable. That could take some time though, so I’ll also be keeping myself safe by selling a few things online. After reading J.K. Rowling’s website Q&A though, it’s quite clear that writers share similar feelings. I’ve always worked on blogs voluntarily. Word processing is somewhat of an addiction to me now too. People seem to like what I write, so looking for profits when they’re deserved only seems logical.

I am a very independent person. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with family and friends – but not a lot of time. I’m yet to find my true love in life as well. But time spent alone is precious to me. It is to any writer, because that’s when you write down your ideas. It’s when you fit things together, piece by piece, and build it into something special.

If mistakes have been made with my grammar and punctuation in this blog post then that’s fine. I doubt I’ve gathered the advanced abilities of a professional writer yet. All writers start off by making mistakes. After receiving feedback that criticises the work I submit, I’ll be looking to learn every time. People commonly know that we learn from our mistakes, and then improve as time continues.

Child Writing Picture

Improving my grammar and punctuation was a strong focus point in March. Back in 2005, I started an AS Level in English Language. However, after receiving a grade D, I couldn’t help but take a change in direction: my epilepsy had also taken a big turn for the worse. My memory was much more damaged, and fatigue hit me pretty hard too.

Nevertheless, I was playing in a band, and music was what interested me more than anything. BTEC Music Technology was a two-year course that I went on to enjoy. After that, I gathered my degree in BA Popular Musicology at university in 2012.

Decent marks were scored when creating and recording popular music in further education. But, as I moved into higher education, writing about music was clearly my strongest point.

There are a lot of topics I want to write about today. The Harry Potter books meant a lot to me, but they meant so much to other people too. And one fact is that no adult fiction has managed to entertain me anywhere as much as J.K. Rowling’s earliest work. I think that’s one of the main reasons I’ve previously avoided freelance writing.

Mini Harry Potter Toy Picture

However, non-fiction does interest me, and the idea of writing a book has always been appealing. There are issues that I feel strongly about: issues that I wish to explain to others. Publishing a book would be one of the best ways to do this.

Writing more articles is another key task to complete as well. These articles will probably be about disability, disability arts and popular music too. I’ve got to raise my voice and make myself known.

However, I’m also grateful for the opportunity to sell a few things right now. I have items to sell online, and my mum and her partner Mike have plenty more too. Back-up whilst I’m getting into the rhythm of writing will be useful. By gaining profits that come from my efforts to sell their items online, I can only thank them.

Was I Anti-Social?

In March, I wasn’t ringing people up and heading to the pub too often. I was more focused on my personal health and wellbeing. But I wasn’t self-centred: I’ve just been reflecting on my current situation in life. I needed some time alone to figure things out a bit.

And even if I didn’t call others too often, I didn’t reject anybody else’s requests in March. On 9 March I attended my good friend Nick’s 30th birthday and really enjoyed the night. In fact, I had a seizure that night not too long before I arrived. Attending was a bit of a risk, but I risked it, and I got lucky.

Nick and Joe 30th Bday Party Picture
Pretty much in love with Oasis, I’d also say Nick’s a true Mancunian

The GMCDP was an organisation I met up with again last month as well. I recently attended a presentation made by the University of Manchester Pro Bono Society. One of the four topics discussed was “challenging disability discrimination in employment”. It gave me the boost needed to persuade me to write a letter to The PPI Team. I’m not suing them, but have explained that I could sue them if I wanted. Instead, I’m forgiving them, but do hope they learn from the mistakes they made.

Epilepsy: Pre-Op Completed

On 25 March, I had a pre-operative appointment for VNS surgery. It was a reasonably quick process, and I’m just waiting to be given the nod now. I reckon it could take place later this month because I was told it was likely to happen in Spring. I’ll let people know on Twitter and Facebook when I find out.

Of course, the day after that was Tuesday 26 March: International Purple Day. Even if I wasn’t too involved with it, I made a few appreciated statements online. I know how important it is to keep epilepsy awareness flowing. Feel free to get involved readers, even if you’re not epileptic yourself.

Aside from that, there’s nothing much to talk about regarding my epilepsy. After having quite a few more seizures in March than February, VNS seems like my smartest move. My epilepsy isn’t terrible, it just moves up and down in seizure frequency. They now more often occur in the evening, and sometimes during afternoons too.

Brexit: No Exit?

As annoying as it is, Brexit is on every British person’s mind from time to time. Sorry to talk about it again now. But, there is a reason – I don’t think it’s going to happen. I can perhaps see it coming down to an MP’s vote of whether we leave with a “no-deal Brexit” or simply having to cancel it with no further extension given by the EU.

This would be great news for me, because I voted for remain. Of course, I know people will disagree with my opinion. But every person in this country benefits from the security of being a part of the EU. This is more important than people realise. We’re just not as powerful as we used to be. But, located in just two little islands in Europe, what does that matter?

A no-deal Brexit would see a huge turn to even worse levels of poverty. It just wouldn’t be right, and I’ll start thinking about the future straight away. I’ll still care about so many people in my home nation – but I’ll want to move abroad as soon as possible. In fact, there’s one country that’s been on my mind in March: Canada. It’s one for the future. Although we’ve never met, I think distant relatives of mine made a good decision by choosing to move there a few decades ago.

Industrial Winnipeg, Capital of Manitoba, Canada
Winnipeg, the capital & largest city of Manitoba in Canada

If we leave with no deal then I see this country’s population lowering quite quickly. I also know that when building a family I’ll want to keep them as safe as possible too. This doesn’t mean I’d ignore the UK. In fact, it’d probably get more of my attention than Canada itself.

But, I don’t have too much cash in my bag. Hopefully I’ll be right, and won’t need to think about making that move any time soon.

Better Times Ahead

I must have said this so many times in the past, but better times are surely ahead. March was a quiet month for me, but I think I needed it. I’ve reflected on my previous attempts to find employment, and have concluded that I hate administrative work! I’m an independent person, and I want to be a writer; it fits my persona perfectly.

One interesting fact about me and a celebrity I respect appeared earlier this year. If you didn’t already know this, founder Martin Lewis is from Manchester. In fact, both me and the British journalist were born in Withington hospital (or at least in Withington). Success in helping others is what we both seem to have an interest in too.

I’m not yet gaining success when it comes to my career, but I am ambitious. I believe my Mancunian birthplace could be an important asset for me in the future. I’m proud to be from Manchester, and know a lot about it. I think it’ll be a good starting place in the UK to get my career moving too.

Oh, and there’s also the possibility of…

Another mountain climb. I don’t want to provide pictures to prove it yet, but I did lose weight in March. Heading up Mount Olympus in Greece will probably take place in August or September. Due to my fatigue, I’ll have to get in much better physical shape beforehand. It will take a fair bit of effort, but it’s certainly possible.

I wish you all well, readers. Take care x

SAM_1106 by Peter Vanderheyden / Our Triwizard Champion by  James_Seattle / When the 11-Plus  by Paul Townsend

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