Thank You for Following

Sorely lying on my bed on a Saturday night, I feel inclined to mention a few things before The Epileptic Man fades away. Thanking people is important; I thanked people a few hours ago for helping me deal with a seizure during a walk from Littleborough to Greenfield. Now I’ve made my way home, I think it’s time to thank people for motivating me over the past two years too.

Many family and friends (plenty of who I’ve never met in person) chose to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I thank them for support, because without them I wouldn’t be writing today. They’ve appreciated the efforts I’ve made to offer information, advice and opinions to people about epilepsy and disability.

The more notable connections I have online are via Twitter, where I’ve gathered nearly 300 followers. After following people and organisations who have inspired me, they’ve often followed me back, and for this I couldn’t be more grateful. Plus, people have also found my profile, liked my efforts, and chosen to follow me. I’ve often followed them back: after taking a look at their profiles, they’re usually appealing individuals that I’m happy to collaborate with.

It’d take too long to mention everybody’s details, but here are the real and twitter profile names of key people who have inspired me to write and supported my blog work:

Epilepsy Action – @epilepsyaction

Torie Robinson – @TorieRobinson10

Francesca Turauskis – @FranticT

Seize Your Adventure – @ SYAdventurers

Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People – @GMCDP

Muir Maxwell Trust – @MuirMaxwell

Epilepsy Conference – @Epilepsy2019

Alexandra Rucki – @AlexandraRucki

Olivia Mitchell – @LivMitchell10

Epilepsy Dad – @Epilepsy_Dad

Lance Fogan – @Lance_Fogan

Tracy Lee Carroll – @StarrGazr

Kyle Parker – @The_NeuroNinja

Nick Lowes – @NickLowes

ReadforRevell – @Liam Revell

Peter Gothard – @PeterGothard

Cliff Challenger – @ChallengerCliff

Richard – @RatterWill

Michelle Munt – @Michelle_Munt

Toucan Diversity – @ToucanDiversity

Tiffany Kairos – @TiffanyKairos

Matt Gutting – @MatGutting

Gotham Girl – @iamGothamGirl

Jolene Modd Books – @JoleneModdBooks


Of course, some people are not fond of twitter, but read my posts after discovering them on my Facebook page. I thank you all too; it’s nice knowing that my material is interesting enough for some people to read regularly via the shown activity. My blog isn’t well known, but is explored by people who know about it.

I’ve searched Twitter thoroughly, and my name is unavailable in many formats. But because it’s not taken, my new Twitter name will @TheJoeStevenson. I know it seems arrogant, but I want to be better known than a UFC fighter. Some friends told me about him, and apparently he’s not been very successful.

Anyway, once again, I thank you all! Please, take care, and keep in touch too.


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