Deal With The Downs and Just Be Yourself

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Being self-confident benefits most people in a variety of ways. It can help with managing stress in a healthy way and can help one progress in life with a positive attitude too.

Nobody is perfect, though, and some days are more stressful than others. It can be difficult to have self-confidence in these instances.

Depression, brought on by my epilepsy, lingered around me for quite some time. But when it came to an end, I still felt something was missing. I was a healthier person, but people I spent free time with weren’t always the friends I needed. Some of them seemed somewhat disrespectful, and some just didn’t share enough of my interests anymore.

I would have made more friends at university, but depression was a major barrier for me back then. I didn’t have the confidence to talk to new people. But today, I know who my truest friends are.

They’re the people I want to socialise with. They back up my ideas and offer me advice as well. In front of them, I only talk honestly about my ups and downs in life and listen with interest to what they tell me. We help each other out and have a laugh at the same time too.

I am sure most people would prefer to feel positive when they wake up in the morning as opposed to feeling stress and anxiety. And with practice, confidence like this can often be gained. And I promise you, it’s one great asset that people with epilepsy can gain as well.

It’s Not Always Easy

Sadly, it isn’t uncommon for people to lack confidence when they wake up in the morning. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve also read plenty of articles about problems stress leads to. If, like me, you’re someone who has epilepsy, you’ll probably know that stress can trigger seizures. Although stress hasn’t previously triggered my seizures, it has led towards personal mental health problems in the past – most notably mild/moderate depression in my late teens and early twenties.

Stress can often lead to depression: in America, about 6.7% of people[i] are affected by some type of it every year. Anxiety disorders caused by stress are very common too: over 42.5 million adults[ii] are affected by them annually in the US, and it’s the most common mental health illness a person can develop[iii].

I know people who have been stressed out by my issues, as well as their own as well. For that reason, it seems so logical to get back on your feet and find ways to cope.

If you’re someone who unfortunately doesn’t have the support of others I’m talking about, then building both new relationships and friendships are important. This will help overall in your quest to gaining self-confidence and dealing with stress.

Many Options are Available for Issues with Memory Loss

Through a little research, you’ll find that there are various ways of dealing with both depression and anxiety disorders. In terms of therapies, one relaxing remedy that helped me so much was mindfulness. I found this solution through online research and bought a book about it on Amazon.

Health services have now started promoting it too, but if you want to deal with it alone then I recommend buying “Mindfulness for Health” by Dr Danny Penman and Vidyamala Burch.[iv]

I also realised that shying away from my social life wasn’t a good move. I did that for much too long. I struggled to make new friends in college and university, and I really wish I hadn’t.

If you’ve made some friends and want to have a good time, then there’s one rule: just be yourself. Pretending to be someone you’re not won’t lead to the happy lifestyle that you’re looking to enjoy around others.

Epilepsy is a lot more complicated than people typically believe. Not many people seem to know anything about its effects such as memory loss, which has been my biggest issue regarding epilepsy.

Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them I have memory loss due to my epilepsy. But the fact is that when people have seizures, memory damage can occur, and short and long-term memory loss is always possible.

When my epilepsy worsened, I started to forget a lot of people’s details, or even the names of people I’d only met once. Eventually, I decided a different approach was needed if I wanted to make new friends and get to know them too.

And the best thing to do? Just be yourself. Whenever I can’t remember something about a person, I do my best to be honest with people now about memory loss. I’m happy to chat but tell them about my memory loss and ask to recall their details. If someone approaches me after at a social event and asks me how I am in a friendly way, I always know that we got along well last time.

If I can’t remember too much about them, I’ll be honest with them about it. Then I can only wait and see how they react. You can always bookmark a webpage to show them that explains it too.

In the past, people have looked at me like I’m strange, and wandered off to talk to others shortly after a brief conversation. If that happens, then there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t recommend getting friendly with people like that anyway.

True Friends Go with the Flow

As time has continued, and more often due to my side-effects, epilepsy has certainly affected my lifestyle. I was depressed for at least seven years and struggled to socialize. I’ve since learned that when this happens, the friends who seem unfazed by my slightly different behaviour are the ones I appreciate.

However, there may well be friends you thought were more caring that sway away from you. I’ve had this problem and tried talking to people I once thought were my best friends. But afterwards, if you don’t feel like they’re any more friendly and willing to socialize with you, then removing them from your social scene is probably the best option.

This has been difficult. At times, I’ve felt angry, confused and hurt by the way I’ve been treated. But I believe they have more to learn about life. Spiritually, I certainly believe treating others with their deserved respect is beneficial for yourself as well.

If you don’t feel like you have enough friends to socialize with now, then there are plenty ways of to make more. As I’ve managed to gather more confidence, I’ve since joined groups that relate to my interests. I’ve also used websites like Citysocializer and MeetUp to meet and socialize with new people in my local area too.

One Other Important Asset

I really appreciate the close family and friends I currently have in life. Unless a doctor’s nearby, they’re the best people to be around if I have a seizure. But they can’t always be nearby. Therefore, making them more aware of when you’re endangered by seizures seems logical.

The easiest way to help is simple: just make a small investment in the best consumer product you can find. It’ll reduce feelings of anxiety for you and your carers.

Right now, the SeizureLink System seems to be the fastest and most accurate alerting system available on the consumer market. A small item to wear on your biceps muscle, the Seizure System uses surface electromyography (sEMG): the new standard in alerting systems. As improved technology, it’s proven to be precise.

Learn a Little Bit More

This is the new, upcoming way that people will be tracking their seizures. Even if you think it’s not for you, it’s better to be aware of the technology that is now available. My epileptic seizures can be so unpredictable – I might go three months without a seizure and then have three in a week. Gaining knowledge about how to manage them is useful.

Using sEMG technology can easily become an important part of your life, although it’s barely noticeable. Fitting easily on to your bicep area, it is easy to forget that it’s there when using it.

The sEMG is why it can alert so quickly. The SeizureLink System alerts on an average of 9 seconds versus the 30 seconds or more that other devices do. Other systems rely on waiting for the body to shake. But with SeizureLink, sEMG sensors track the way your muscle clenches and tightens even when there’s been little or no movement in your body.

By doing this, it alerts your carers much faster, which is important. Seizures don’t usually last too long, but it’ll make it easier for those who know you to manage them when needed.

It’s Smarter Than You Think

As well as that, the Monitor connects with the alerting app, which is responsible for most of the communications. This makes the system so special: the app sends both notifications and phone calls to the caregiver and allows you to request and approve up to 10 caregivers too.

You also get to manage your seizure diary in the app. You can create and download a seizure diary report when needed – a handy tool for any person that has epilepsy, as well as their caregivers.

Plus, there’s also the option of alerting caregivers if you feel that upcoming tonic muscle activity is due to occur. I get a strange 10 second feeling of negativity before my seizures occur. If you receive auras or have other signs of seizures approaching, telling caregivers before they happen can be very useful too.

Utilize All Your Assets

If you find ways to manage your depression and/or anxiety and start socialising with the right people in the right way, you should be proud of what you achieved!

I know I am, because it wasn’t easy! Today, I can say that the people I choose to surround myself with respect me for being who I truly am.

If you manage to protect yourself and help your caregivers become more aware of your seizures, then you’ve followed the logical steps to help yourself and those around you too. It only makes sense to put safety first whenever possible. You’ll be easing more anxiety than ever with the SeizureLink System, the best technology that’s now on offered in the US.

However, if you still have your doubts, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day you create your SeizureLink app account. You’re quite welcome to try and return it if you wish, and a one-year limited warranty is also expected too.

Nobody likes to fall, but SeizureLink seems like the best way to pick yourself up. If you’re lucky enough to live in America, then you should take advantage of this product. Made in its home country, it’s currently only available for purchase by people in the US.

So, unfortunately, by being British I won’t be taking advantage of surface electromyography just yet. However, I know this blog post is due to reach many people in America, and even those outside the country are better off knowing about this technology and waiting with patience.

You might now know a little bit more about how to gain confidence too. As mentioned, it’s an important asset to gather – if you’re feeling down, you certainly won’t regret dealing with stress and socialising with people in the right way.






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