Personal Review: April 2018

Initially, I said I wasn’t going to bother writing a personal review this month. But I changed my mind. It seems fair to tell my readers about a few thoughts and ideas on my mind. I’m Feeling Good I think I might have had one seizure since mid-April. But I’ve spent half of this week […]

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Epilepsy News: April 2018

OK! I’m happy to say I’ve got epilepsy news here for you today. So, what stories are involved? Well, we’ve got further news to exploit regarding the ongoing story of how Alfie, the 6-year-old with epilepsy, whose bid to receive cannabis oil treatment could be making progress soon. One other article managed to catch my […]

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Personal Review: June 2017

Hey guys, remember me? My name’s Joe, I’m 28, and I’ve got epilepsy. I’ve been kind of quiet this month, haven’t I? Well, the first twenty days of it felt pretty foxy, but I think my family and friends will be happy to hear that right now, I feel like I’m bouncing back. In fact, […]

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