Personal Review: January 2018

I’m quite sure that nearly every person I’ve talked to about January has labelled it as their most dull month of the year. And, as positive as I try and be, I do agree with them. It was difficult at times; I was frustrated by lots of little events. But, I also managed to gather […]

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Epilepsy News: January 2018

Welcome to 2018s first grasp of epilepsy news. I’ve gathered more information that only claims something has happened, and that people with epilepsy will, could be or have been affected by it in either a positive or negative way. Are you interested? I’m afraid I’ve not been able to write as much about epilepsy-related news […]

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Epilepsy News: December 2017

Although I managed to publish a look back on this year and mentioned what’s coming for the year ahead on Tuesday, it was a bit too soon for me to publish what’s up for viewing today. However, if you’ve got a little time to look at my blog today, then I imagine you’ll enjoy this […]

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Why I've Been Just So Damn Busy

After starting off with a busy family and friend-focused weekend, I’ve also had quite a few interviews, meetings and social events to attend to this month. They tired me out, but still, I would like to apologise for the recent lack of blog posts at The Epileptic Man! You got to find out how November […]

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Personal Review: November 2017

Moving on from October, I’ve been busier this month than ever before. The Epileptic Man website has stood by its word and now offers free documents to subscribers, but writing up Essential Epilepsy Information wasn’t easy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and only wanted to produce something as professional as possible for people who […]

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Epilepsy News: November 2017

Despite feeling quite focused on other projects this month, I’ve still kept an eye on what’s been happening in the world of epilepsy. On the whole, I’d say that it’s been a positive period for many. Although it has only been publicised in the US, the Epilepsy Foundation has talked about how November happens to […]

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