Disability Central

The project’s first meeting is starting in Sale, Greater Manchester. It’s going to be held at The Hope Centre, Hampden Building, Hampden Road, M33 7UB. If you live near enough, then please come along and have a chat with us about your issues if you feel they’re relevant. You should soon see this poster in […]

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Personal Review: June 2018

I guess it feels like I’ve been talking about myself too much on here recently. It’s been an eventful month. I’ve been on my trips, and I’ve had my falls. I’ve been an overthinker in the past, but I’ve stopped thinking about ideas and have started taking action. I’ve got projects underway now and feel […]

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Epilepsy News: August 2017

There was a lot of news to choose from this month. Researchers have perhaps proved their abilities more than anyone, although the brave investigation of one man having brain surgery maybe gets my biggest shout. Another epileptic individual proved her worth by completing a hefty hike, and volunteers worked well to produce a secure shelter […]

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