Personal Review: June 2018

I guess it feels like I’ve been talking about myself too much on here recently. It’s been an eventful month. I’ve been on my trips, and I’ve had my falls. I’ve been an overthinker in the past, but I’ve stopped thinking about ideas and have started taking action. I’ve got projects underway now and feel […]

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How Healing Each Wound Can Keep Planes in Full Flight: What is SUDEP?

In previous posts, I’ve talked about how more epilepsy awareness would bring a boost to the lives of so many people. I’ve also mentioned that epilepsy is a complicated condition – although I’m writing this blog, I don’t understand everything about epilepsy. And the specialist doctors? With all due respect, if any, it’s not many. […]

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Epilepsy News: July 2017

Here’s my overview of this month’s epilepsy-related news from around the world. Ultra-Marathon Cyclist Katie Ford Breaks Cycling Records Back on July 2nd, epileptic ultra-marathon cyclist Katie Ford broke two world records and two British records to gain some attention and help raise awareness of epilepsy. The 31-year-old entered the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome to […]

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What Is Purple Day?

Despite labelling this blog as The Epileptic Man, I haven’t even mentioned one important, annual event that began in 2008, and now takes place in many countries around the world. Held on the 26th of March, Purple Day is an international, fundraising affair looking to raise awareness of epilepsy worldwide. First of all, I want […]

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Personal Review: June 2017

Hey guys, remember me? My name’s Joe, I’m 28, and I’ve got epilepsy. I’ve been kind of quiet this month, haven’t I? Well, the first twenty days of it felt pretty foxy, but I think my family and friends will be happy to hear that right now, I feel like I’m bouncing back. In fact, […]

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