New Project; Main Aims

As mentioned last month, I’ve got plans for the future. It seems people like what I’m interested in starting too. Every family member and friend has told me that it sounds like a good idea. There is info that I’ll be revealing to many people in the future. But the people who read this blog […]

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Personal Review: May 2018

It’s 29 May, and I’ve nearly come to the end of my first full month of mental productivity for quite some time. Life’s gone pretty well. To be honest, I can’t help but feel I’ve accomplished a fair bit over the past four weeks. I’m Still Feeling Good I reckon that at most, I’ve had […]

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Personal Review: October 2017

At times, this month has been pretty hectic. I’ve managed to catch up with plenty of friends, been to guest lectures, and started talking more with people I can see myself catching up with in the future. I’ve written new material and spoken louder than ever as an epilepsy advocate. I can’t say it was […]

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