Personal Review: January 2019

Two days of rest-up were planned out during January’s final weekend; 26 and 27 January. Why? Well, I did strain a muscle – it’s good to keep pressure off it for a while. But still, I don’t feel lazy doing this. This month has been very busy for me – I’ve been active both during […]

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Why I've Been Just So Damn Busy

After starting off with a busy family and friend-focused weekend, I’ve also had quite a few interviews, meetings and social events to attend to this month. They tired me out, but still, I would like to apologise for the recent lack of blog posts at The Epileptic Man! You got to find out how November […]

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Personal Review: November 2017

Moving on from October, I’ve been busier this month than ever before. The Epileptic Man website has stood by its word and now offers free documents to subscribers, but writing up Essential Epilepsy Information wasn’t easy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and only wanted to produce something as professional as possible for people who […]

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8 Tips To Help Harness Your Memory

As an experienced ambassador, I know that having a poor memory can be tricky to manage. Maybe you’re starting university, or trying to hold down an important relationship. It can be a demon at interviews when searching for employment. Unfortunately, memory loss can soak up your seconds and status as you try to complete tasks […]

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