Powers of the Peterloo Memorial

After wandering over from Saint Peter’s Square in Manchester, I peeked over the wall to see some builders get on with business. I see the 200th anniversary of Peterloo as an important historical event, and the Peterloo memorial structure is currently being constructed. Manchester sits in the north of our country and pride usually arises […]

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Thank You for Following

Sorely lying on my bed on a Saturday night, I feel inclined to mention a few things before The Epileptic Man fades away. Thanking people is important; I thanked people a few hours ago for helping me deal with a seizure during a walk from Littleborough to Greenfield. Now I’ve made my way home, I […]

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Personal Review: April 2018

Initially, I said I wasn’t going to bother writing a personal review this month. But I changed my mind. It seems fair to tell my readers about a few thoughts and ideas on my mind. I’m Feeling Good I think I might have had one seizure since mid-April. But I’ve spent half of this week […]

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Personal Review: July 2017

As June came to a close, I felt a strong need to prove my ability by writing plenty of posts for The Epileptic Man. Although it’s mainly been my friends on Facebook, further praise has come, and this was very much appreciated. However, if I’m going to find my way forward with writing, then I’ve […]

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